Can I see a sample print before I order?

The short answer to this question is no, but let us explain. For solutions, please skip to the last paragraph.

The biggest costs in any screen printed project are setup and cleanup. In order to make your project look its very best, we take care with every step. Before printing even begins this includes sourcing and ordering garments, digital artwork preparation, and preparing digital mockups. On the press it includes preparing and exposing the screen, mixing custom inks, registration, alignment and testing the screen. And then there’s cleanup: scraping the ink for re-use, cleaning and de-emulsifying the screens, and checking and packaging your final print.

Conversely, this is why screen printing is so good for volume — the time and effort involved in setting up is always about the same.


If a sample is essential for your process, we can create one for you. Sample prints start at $125 (this is our minimum charge for screen printing projects) for one colour and one print area on a standard t-shirt. This price does not include a specialty garment, additional colours, or additional print areas.

What we usually do instead is prepare a digital mockup. We use your artwork and create an approximate representation of the size, placement and colour of the final print. If something doesn’t look right (“Can we lower the print a little bit on the back?”) we will adjust the mockup prior to printing until it’s perfect.

If you’re interested in seeing a sample screenprinted t-shirt, we have plenty in the studio that you can stop by and see. The tee won’t have your specific design on it but it will give you a sense of the look, feel, and quality of our work.

How does pricing work?

Screenprinting is based on 3 variables:

  1. The number of colours in your design
  2. The number of print areas in your design (i.e front, back, sleeve)
  3. The type of garments to be printed

In order for us to give you an accurate quote for printing costs, we need as much of the above information as possible.

Why do more colours cost more?

With screen printing, each colour in a design has to be set up on a separate screen. So each colour undergoes the process detailed above (see Can I see a sample print before I commit to a full order?). Each colour is then printed separately onto the garment.

What format does my artwork need to be in for screen printing?

Ideally, we receive your artwork in a vector-based format, fonts outlined, sized as you would like it printed. We can accept Adobe Illustrator files (.ai), Photoshop files (.psd), or editable PDF files (.pdf).

If you do not have your artwork in one of these formats, we can advise you on what is possible and we may be able to convert it. We provide 15 minutes of complementary design assistance and charge at a rate of $35/hour thereafter.

The best way to get a great print is to start with great artwork. High resolution, vector-based files are the best way to ensure this.

Do you have a minimum order?

While we do not have a technical minimum order, screen printing is most economical for larger orders because of the setup costs. We suggest no fewer than 10 units. You can order a few very expensive garments, or many less expensive garments.

We do have a minimum charge of $125 for most projects. If you require a small number, please get in touch and we can provide some suggestions for alternatives.