Custom Embroidery in Vancouver

Logos, promotional products, apparel - explore our custom embroidery service in Vancouver, BC.

Creative embroidery

At The Hive Printing we have the in-house equipment and knowledgeable operators to turn your custom embroidery project from idea to reality.   

Our trained staff works with you to understand your custom embroidery project requirements from the start.  We'll provide recommendations on the types of embroidery we offer and thread.

We create custom embroidery designs on a variety of garments and accessories including sweaters, polos, caps, toques and many more. 

Embroidery is a stunning way to showcase your logo on jackets, hats, bags and workwear. It's durable, longlasting, looks great and high quality finish.

Brand awareness

Adding a custom embroidered logo or icon onto promotional clothing increases brand awareness.


A quality embroidered design can withstand frequent laundering on high temperatures with colours that won’t fade.

Illustration of custom embroidery with animal

High-quality finish

Custom embroidery gives your organization an elegant, timeless and professional appeal.

What we embroider

From t-shirts, hoodies, caps and toques, custom embroidery gives a professional, high quality finish to any garment. Using computer-mapped digitization, we’re able to add your design or logo and ensure that the results are beautiful.

• Polos
• Hats
• Toques

Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a minimum charge ($125, no less than 10 items).

When we embroider, we apply a logo or design to the fabric using thread.

We scan your artwork, digitize it, and convert that design into stitches and colours using software that informs the machine. The colours are loaded, the fabric held in place, and the embroidery begins. Our machines are capable of super close stitching, so your design can be as intricate as you want it to be.

Custom embroidery is perfect for projects that require an elegant design on a small run of items, or logos used in corporate branding. 

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Durable
  • Longlasting
  • High quality finish 
  • Retains thread colour 

Custom embroidery is priced by thread count and size of the design. 

We recommend cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, toques, and button up shirts.  Super stretchy and slinky fabric, such as bamboo or viscose,  will get punctured during the emboridery process, so we suggest avoiding those fabrics! 

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